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Type-C advantages
Apr 04, 2018

   The first advantage is that the best known direction is non-directional. Popularity is positive and negative. It is estimated that this is an important reason why Apple gave up the Thunderbolt 2 interface that was used before.


   The second advantage is that Type-C is very shallow, and the size of about 8.3x2.5mm is not so conspicuous on mobile devices. The application on laptops saves space by two-thirds.


   The third advantage is that it fully supports all the functions of USB 3.1, such as providing up to 100W of power, up to 10Gbps of transmission rate, transmission of audio and video signals. In particular, Type-C power transmission is bi-directional, which means that it has two types of transmission power, that is, users can not only use the laptop to charge mobile devices, but also use other devices or mobile power to charge the notebook.

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