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Type C data line there are those deficiencies?
Apr 19, 2018

Speaking of the Type C data line, we believe that everyone is familiar with it. Even a lot of people have already used it. Using it gives people the first impression that it is "convenient, fast," and so on. The most intuitive advantage is that you can completely get rid of the plug. The trouble of the line is that it does not cause damage to the parts caused by misinsertions or mistakes, and there is also a 3A current that allows quick charging. But no one thought of what it lacks? That is certainly not the case, in fact, there are still many deficiencies in the Type C data line.

The advantage of the Type C data line is very obvious, but at this stage it is still in a transitional stage. Currently, most mobile phones and related accessories used in the market have not been completely upgraded. Therefore, using Type C at this stage will have some troubles.

1, although it can be compatible with the USB2.0 standard, but users need to purchase additional adapters to complete compatibility;

2. Currently, there are not many mobile phones supporting Type C interface. If you do not have a standard data cable, you can only use the extension cable or the interface if you want to charge.

3. Most of the charging treasures currently on the market and in use are micro USB interfaces, and you want to use the charging adapter to charge the Type C phone.

4. At present, many mobile phones only support the USB 2.0 standard, but the Type C interface needs to support the USB 3.1 standard in order to exert its advantages in fast transmission and fast charging.

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