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Type C data lines can be inserted in addition to positive and negative, what advantage?
Apr 19, 2018

When you are still troubled by finding the interface direction while charging your mobile phone, the new Type C data cable solves this problem that has not been solved for many years. Therefore, many mobile phone brands have launched mobile phones with Type C interface, such as Millet 5, LG G5, Huawei P9, LeTV, etc. have all launched such phones to welcome the coming and coming of the era. Both positive and negative can be plugged in. No longer need to worry about plugging in. Is this enough to allow us to accept Type? C interface and Type C data line yet? There are several other advantages that let us unconditionally accept it!

The Type C data line has two other major advantages:

In addition to positive and negative can be inserted, in fact, there are still many advantages of USB Type-C, it is now the next generation of mobile phone universal micro USB interface products, in appearance, transmission speed and other aspects have a great upgrade. Specifically:

1. The maximum transmission rate of Type-C can reach 10Gb/s, which greatly improves the transmission speed of the previous generation of micro USB.

2. The cable of Type-C standard can pass 3A current, which can realize the effect of fast charging. The fast charge in the future will become the standard of mobile phone.

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