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USB charger's effect on the battery
Mar 31, 2018

The effect of the USB charger on the battery is that when using the device, it is often seen that the prompt must be to use the USB charger to charge the battery. This of course is not something out of the ordinary. It should be known that different types of USB The charging effect of the charger is not the same. For example, it is now widely used chargers on mobile phones, there are many models of this type of charger.

So why is it no problem to use all kinds of incompatible chargers in real life? In fact, it is very simple. This is because although the power supply of various chargers is different, there is basically no significant difference and there will not be a case of 1A and another 10A. So to a certain extent, we can achieve almost the same effect. But at the same time, it should be known that using different types of chargers that are not compatible, one should carefully observe the difference in power parameters.

First of all, on the voltage, the output voltage of this type of charger is present from 4V to 6V, and it can also be used for the charging of a specific device, followed by the current, and the current provided by the mobile phone charging can be seen in the market. It is generally three kinds, the first is 500Am, the second is 700Am and the last is 1A. There are different differences in the power output of these chargers alone, and in fact the internal design of the charger is different in various details, so that under normal circumstances, various USB chargers are incompatible.

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