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USB2.0 data line product specification description
Apr 19, 2018

Our schitec electronic production of this USB2.0 data line long-term supply of major brands, satisfaction is extremely high, the return rate in recent years are 0, set a good reputation in the peer. The production of this line we selected to processing and then to the packaging, each link is meticulous, seriously treat each line, to ensure 100% pass detection, take a look at the following USB2.0 data line product specification description:

USB2.0 data cable


A. USB side:

(a) A male body using a USB long body, nickel plating layer high quality, no rust, can go through salt spray experiments.

(b) Appearance of PVC with 60P, glossy, bright surface, no stain, no corrosive metal and no damaging gas.

Two. Wire ends:

Ten 0.10 copper copper wire screen printing wire rods are used. The outer diameter of the wire is 3.0, and the rubber material is made of 60P PVC rubber. The surface is bright, and the softness is good. There is no shrinkage, foaming, and the wire length is 30 centimeters.

Third, the tail end:

The card position is a 4*5 bayonet, the bayonet length is 20 mm, and the copper wire is exposed on 3 mm tin. This bayonet is a common charger's plastic shell. Easy to assemble. No looseness and other undesirable phenomena.

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