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USB3.0 data line transmission speed faster than the USB2.0 data line?
Apr 26, 2018

The USB3.0 data line was introduced as early as 2009, and as of now there are still many people who do not understand the USB 3.0 data line below to popularize basic knowledge for everyone:

1. From the standpoint of USB male or female, USB2.0 is usually white or black. USB3.0 is blue.

2. The pin of USB2.0 data line interface is only 4PIN: VCC, DP+, DM-, GND.

3. The USB3.0 data line interface has more pins, including 9PIN: VCC, DP+, DM-, GND, SSRXM-, SSRXP+, GND, SSTXP+, SSTXM-. Compared to USB2.0, USB3. The function of 0 is even more powerful.

4. The symbol distinction between USB2.0 data line and USB3.0 data line; among them read and write speed to compare, USB3.0 speed is ten times that of USB2.0.

5. Data transmission and power supply: The USB3.0 data line adopts full-duplex data transmission. Two of the five lines are used to send data, two are used to receive data, and one is a ground line. The power supply part USB3.0 has a current of 1A, and the USB2.0 data line has only 0.5A.

6. USB3.0 data line enters high-speed transmission mode, the highest theoretical value reaches 5Gbps, the internal 3.5-inch 7200-rpm hard drive internal transfer speed will not exceed 150MB/S, 2.5-inch 5400-rpm hard drive internal transfer speed is lower, so When using USB3.0, you should pay attention to the relevant hardware, otherwise you will not reach the ideal speed. For example, you should use SSD instead. In addition, the USB3.0 data line is also very important, not all USB3.0 data lines on the market can meet the requirements.

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