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USB3.0 What is the correlation of the data line impedance size?
Sep 26, 2017

1. Insulated wire Diameter: The insulation line diameter increases-the impedance increases, the insulated wire diameter is uneven-the impedance is uneven.

2. Conductor Wire Diameter: conductor line diameter increase-impedance reduction, conductor diameter uneven-impedance non-uniform.

Design improvement: Impedance is small, increase line diameter or increase foaming degree.

Process Improvement: The capacitance in the water in the small, twisted when the attention to prevent core line deformation, coaxial knitting attention to tension adjustment and so on.

3. Foaming degree: The foaming degree increases-the dielectric constant decreases-the impedance increases, the foaming degree is uneven-the dielectric constant is uneven-the impedance is uneven.

4. Pair pitch:

a) non-shielded line pair: to reduce the twisted pitch-impedance;

b) Shielding line pairs: pair of twisted pitch increase-impedance reduction;

5. Wrap: Wrap tension-foil tight-impedance small.

6. Cable Pitch (unshielded): Reduced cable pitch and impedance reduction.

7. Cable-wrapped tape (unshielded): cable-wrapped belt tight-impedance reduction.

8. Woven Elastic (unshielded): Woven tight-impedance reduction.

9. External elastic (unshielded): External being tight-impedance small.

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