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What are the characteristics of high-quality USB2.0 data lines?
Apr 19, 2018

An ordinary USB2.0 data line and high-quality USB2.0 data line contrast, the same is the appearance is similar, do not see anything abnormal, the difference is its internal, what is the use of materials, materials and workmanship Can determine the quality of a line quality, so a lot of things have to look at the internal appearance alone is not completely determine its quality level, and now there are too many imitation things, can only use data analysis to determine, then take a look High quality USB2.0 data lines have those features!


USB2.0 data cable

High quality USB data cable description:

The USB head material is pure copper, has a good electroplating appearance, does not rust, corrode metal, and destructive gases. (B) appearance of injection molding, using PVC, 45P black rubber, appearance brightness, no fog surface, shrink, deformation, stain

Wire Quality Analysis: The outer material of wire rod is PVC environmental protection 60P rubber, copper wire copper

Rated temperature: 80°C

Rated voltage: 300V

Standards: UL758, UL1581 and CSA C22, 2 No. 210.2

32-16 AWG single conductor or stranded bare copper or tinned copper wire for conductors

Pass UL VW-1 and CSA Ft1 vertical flame test

Lead-free PVC insulation

Insulation thickness uniform, easy to peel and cut

Test report analysis: Connect one end of the data power cable to the computer and the other end to the applicable machine. The computer can be different from the machine disk. Transfer the test file from the machine disk to the computer and the data transmission is normal.

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