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What are the considerations when choosing a good car charger?
Mar 31, 2018

1, understand the main parameters

In principle, as long as the nominal voltage and current on the car charger matches the equipment to be charged, it can be charged, but the charger's power is also a very important technical parameter. If a small power charger is used to charge a high-power device, it will cause small The power charger is burned out due to overheating, so it is best to select a car charger with the same power.

2, security is very important

The optional car charger should include protection against over-voltage, over-current, overheating, and short circuit. It is also necessary to use flame-retardant and environmentally-friendly materials to protect your electronic device enclosure more effectively and beautifully and safely.

3, only choose the right one is not expensive

Although the on-vehicle inverter can reverse the 12V power supply into 220V AC, but the cost is high, and the use of high-power equipment will affect the car, while the car charger or converter is to convert the 12V DC to 5-20V. DC power, low power consumption, high safety factor, and a lot of cheaper prices, so if the electrical appliances used in the car are not very special, then the car charger or converter can meet the needs of most vehicle owners.

4, please buy regular licensed

Must buy the regular factory through the safety certification product, do not buy and use three no products, otherwise there is no quality complaints complaints, regret too late.

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