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What are the data line customization purchase methods for mobile data line factories?
May 10, 2018

     The data lines we often use are from the data line factory, that is, the data line is supplied from the factory to the seller for sale. So what are the data line customization procurement methods for mobile data line factories?

     In fact, whether it is procurement, or wholesale data lines, we must first understand the data line factory supply data lines mainly include: 1. according to customer needs and requirements of orders customized data lines, 2. brand-specific data lines from stock, 3. Non-brand data cable manufacturers supply.

     1. according to customer demand orders customized data lines, this method is customized according to customer needs, if you need to customize the data line need to understand those things? For example, let's take our factory to a higher level. There are two types of data line products that customers need to purchase. One is to design their own to find us customized, the other is to customize according to our data line factory's existing samples and existing molds. That is to say, one kind of data line is made according to the customer's design requirements, and the other one is based on the existing data line samples of our factory.

    1). To find our factory for custom data lines, we must first give us a design drawing or a customized sample. Our factory can confirm whether it can be done.

    2). The information that customer's customized data line needs to provide: the number of data lines, plug type, core, OD, outer cover material, molding data line, or alloy nylon braided data cable, length, color, whether it is packaged, whether it needs an invoice And so on, based on the information provided by the customer to calculate the price of the determined sample.

    3).determine the sample can do after opening the mold and proofing. Because the customer has designed few identical molds, they need to customize the molds, and they must receive a mold-opening fee. If they agree, they will open molds. If they do not agree, they cannot do it. About a week to open a model, the length of time depends on the actual situation.

    4). in the open mold proofing, to talk about the cost of the mold and bare wire prices. Only these conversations can be confirmed by mold proofing and production of large goods.

    2.brand-specific data line from stock, this is based on the needs of the customer purchase wholesale to determine. It is the brand manufacturers to provide samples of some data lines to recommend to customers. Customers have a need for fancy, and talk to the manufacturers about specifications, quantity, price, requirements, and delivery date, and they will consider purchasing the manufacturer's brand data line.

Customized data lines according to customer requirements

    3. non-brand data line manufacturers, that is, customers do not need to open the mold,only need to provide the quantity and specifications of demand information, manufacturers according to customer needs to provide samples, specifications, prices, delivery. The customer is satisfied with the sample, specifications and price confirmation. When it comes to the delivery date, it is necessary to place orders for the production of large goods.

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