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What are the main interfaces of the mobile phone data line at this stage?
Apr 11, 2018

At this stage, the main interfaces of the mobile phone data line are: Micro USB, Lighting, Type-C, these three interfaces. Among them, the Micro-USB interface has a fool-proof design and can only be inserted on one side. The Lightning interface and Type-C interface can be inserted positively and negatively, which greatly facilitates the use of the user on weekdays.

The functions of these three types of mobile phone data lines are basically the same. They are all in one function of charging data. The mobile data cable is used to connect mobile phones and computers so that some functions or some data on the mobile phones can be transmitted on the computer. , You can also perform some operations on the phone on the computer, you can delete some of the big video or ring tones, you can also download some of our favorite mini-games or beautiful pictures, etc., very convenient.

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