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What factors will be impedance usb3.0 data line?
Apr 10, 2018

It is known to the data line or wire industry that the impedance required by the customer is of course as little as possible, which is beneficial to its charging or transmission. So what is the relationship between usb3.0 data line impedance and the following?

Usb3.0 data line

1.Insulated wire diameter: Insulated wire diameter increases - impedance increases; Insulated wire diameter is non-uniform - Impedance is not uniform.

2.Conductor diameter: The diameter of the conductor increases - the impedance decreases; the diameter of the conductor is uneven - the impedance is not uniform. Design improvements: Imperfect impedance is small, increase wire diameter or increase foaming degree. Process improvement: Smaller capacitance in water, pay attention to preventing deformation of core wire when twisting, and attention to tension adjustment during coaxial knitting.

3, foaming degree: increase in foaming degree - dielectric constant decreases - impedance increases; foaming degree is uneven - non-uniform dielectric constant - impedance is not uniform.

4. Pairing pitch: a) Non-shielded pair: Pair pitch reduction - impedance reduction; b) Shield pair: Pair pitch increase - impedance reduction;

5, around the package: around the package tension - aluminum foil tight - low impedance.

6. Cable pitch (non-pair shielding): The cable pitch decreases - the impedance decreases.

7. Cable wrap (non-pair shielding): The cable wrap is tight - the impedance is reduced.

8.braided elastic (non-pair shielding): weave tight - impedance decreases.

9. outside the elastic (non-shielded): outside the tight - small impedance.

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