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What is a D-sub connector
Apr 02, 2018

If you know about electrical connectors, you must have heard of "D-subminiature", also known as "D-sub". The D-sub connector is named for its unique D shield shape. This metal shield protects the connector's two or more rows of pin or female connectors, ensuring that the connectors are mated and mated with the correct orientation and alignment. It should fit snugly inside another male shield. Sometimes shields are also designed to prevent electromagnetic interference.

      ITT Cannon invented the D-sub connector in 1952. Each of these series starts with D, followed by another letter (indicating the size of the interface), a number (indicating the number of Pins / female head), or the letters "P" or "S" (P stands for Male, S stands for female). ITT Cannon also created a mini version of D-sub. This miniature D connector is also called "Micro-D" and its length is half that of D-sub.


      Although you will find D-sub connectors in different industries, they are the most common in computing, video, and communications. Such connectors are also used in military, medical, industrial, data, instrumentation, and consumer applications.


      D-sub connectors are bulky, durable and rugged, making them ideal for use in harsh environments where extreme durability is of paramount importance. They are also compatible with many older devices. With these advantages, D-sub is widely used in factories, manufacturing plants and industrial environments. In addition to having a metal shield, some D-sub connectors also have a screw on one side. In the fastened state, these screws provide a secure connection, ensuring that the connector will remain mated during any situation.


      In the 20th century, the D-sub connector that was just invented was one of the smallest connectors used in computing applications, but now it has become synonymous with “big”. The small, stylish appearance of the connector grabs its limelight and forces it to move to other uses. D-sub is rarely seen on mobile devices (Mp3 players, mobile phones, etc.) or laptops targeting fashion and humanity. In addition, due to the complexity of the design, D-sub connectors are considered relatively expensive when compared to simple basic connectors.

      It has been more than half a century since the original invention was invented. D-sub connectors still play an extremely valuable role in the world of electrical connectors. The shield and fastening screws ensure high strength and durability, and the D-sub connectors will stand the test of time.

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