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What is OTG, why OTG line is so hot, what can OTG data line be used for?
May 25, 2018

     OTG can link various mobile devices and devices without a computer host to achieve data exchange. Why OTG line is so hot, what can OTG data line be used for?

     The OTG line is similar to the data line. The main difference between the OTG data line and the data line is that the OTG data line is the used OTG port. The data line uses the USBA male plug (micro usbA). The OTG data line can be used without the host computer. Any mobile device links, data exchange or use, and the data line must be in the case of connecting to the computer host can exchange data.

OTG line and data line are similar

      Why OTG cable is so hot? Because OTG can transfer data between devices and devices without a host computer, more usb application areas can be extended. It is because of this that OTG data lines can be connected to more USB plug devices. OTG was first released by the USB Implementers Forum on December 18th, 2001. The OTG abbreviation is On-The-Go. Because it can be applied to the data exchange between various different mobile electronic devices and devices. The popularity of OTG data lines began in 2014. With the popularization of smart phones, OTG has become a standard product for mobile phones, tablets and other products. OTG data cable can expand more USB connector accessories, which can enrich the use of smart terminals. Because it is compact, portable, practical and convenient, it quickly gained everyone's love.

Why OTG cable is so hot

      What is the OTG data line used to do? In fact, it has a wide range of applications, such as we can use the OTG cable can be a mobile phone or tablet PC with U disk, keyboard, mouse, printer, digital camera, charging treasure, small fan, small lamp, game handle, can be extended into a remote control Accessories, mobile phones and computers change the remote controller. Such a rich use of functionality would not like not to like it.

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