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What is the difference between a good quality adapter and a poor quality adapter?
Sep 18, 2018

      Notebook adapters come with the notebook, not many people buy it separately, mainly because these adapters are basically from the standard manufacturer, the life is reliable, the adapter is still strong before the notebook is hung up.

      But we still need to buy it separately in two cases:

      First, the adapter is broken;

      Second, I hope to buy a thin and light adapter for business trips.

       However, many manufacturers do not assemble as required. Through the following experiments, it can be seen that the products of inferior manufacturers can't stand the test. This test is applicable to many electrical appliances. It is mainly considered that the human body will not be exposed to electric shock when actually using these products. Therefore, any position where electrical breakdown is likely to occur must be left in the air gap. The details can be seen in the actual measurement results. In order to prevent short circuit, the zero line (N) and the fire line (L) must have an interval of 2.5 mm or more, but the design of the cottage is insufficient. The design of the fuse also has such a requirement that the gap between the primary side and the secondary side is insufficient, which is also a feature of the power supply of the cottage.

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