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What is the function of USB cable with metal braid
Apr 14, 2018

I do not know if you have discovered that some USB cables are equipped with a metal braided net, and some are not. So what is the role of the USB cable with a metal braid? Discuss together below:

However, a good USB cable is not only a wire, but also has a metal braided mesh. Its role is obviously seen, it is to play a better magnetic interference shielding effect, to protect the data transmission of anti-interference, But also greatly enhance the data line resistance to pull performance.

It is better to have a layer of aluminum foil shielding. Such a double-layer shielding process can protect the wires from being easily damaged, guarantee the service life of the data lines, and ensure the stability of the signal transmission. Some high quality data lines will also be filled with cotton or other fillers to increase resistance to breaking.

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