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What is the role of the Y capacitor in the charger?
Mar 31, 2018

If the charger encounters a poor charger during charging, it will cause spontaneous combustion, explosion of the mobile phone, or even an electric shock during charging, which may cause injuries. This all stems from the quality of electronic components in the charger. The y capacitor of the mobile phone charger is used for common-mode filtering. It is connected between L to ground or N to ground to filter out the common-mode signal of L to ground or N to ground. The y-capacitor is usually symmetrically used, and the function is mainly bypass; Decoupling; Filtering; Energy storage.

The charger has a 400V voltage capacitor at the primary end of the force, which is the main filter capacitor, which filters out the clutter after the mains rectification, so that the back circuit can get a more stable DC sine wave, only the less clutter, the circuit In order to work better, as for the 400V voltage value of the capacitor selection, after the switch circuit is working, there will be more than 300V voltage drop across the capacitor, plus the instantaneous peak voltage when energized, so if the voltage is too small, the voltage will be too small. Capacitor bursts, and the output capacitance depends on the output voltage and select the appropriate voltage value, such as 5v is the pressure value is 10v, the capacitor is also a filter, so that the charger output smooth DC, as the size of the capacity, in front The high voltage withstand capacitor is usually 47~470uF, and the output capacitor is generally 100~1000uF. In principle, the larger the capacity, the better. However, in reality, the larger the capacity is, the larger the leakage current is, and the y capacitor passes through the AC resistance. So we have to choose a good charger when charging the phone. The quality of the y capacitor is good or bad quality of the direct charger.

As a y capacitor in a mobile phone charger, quality assurance is very important. When selecting a y capacitor, it must be certified by a safety inspection agency and an industrial safety certification. The general product has a certification mark.

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The y capacitor of the mobile phone charger is used for common mode filtering. In principle, the bigger the capacity, the better. But in fact, the larger the capacity is, the larger the leakage current is, and the y capacitor passes the AC blocking resistance. Therefore, when we charge the mobile phone, we must choose a good quality charger. , and the quality of the y capacitor is good and the quality of the direct charger

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