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What should pay attention to the optional charger
Mar 27, 2018

      Today, more and more digital products have entered our lives, such as laptops, mobile phones,, etc., which have enriched our lives. But these digital products also often bring us some troubles, that is, all need to be charged, and many digital device chargers are dedicated. If the charger is damaged or lost, we sometimes find it difficult to buy the original charger, so we have to buy some alternative products. At this point, the charger's interface type, output voltage, and current have become the three key factors we must consider when purchasing.


Interface: Interface consistency is a must, or it can be connected to the corresponding conversion interface, but this is a bit too much.


Output voltage: The output voltage is preferably the same. If it is not completely consistent, the difference between the output voltage of the original charger and the output voltage is within 5%. Basically, there is no problem, but if the difference between the two output voltages is too large, the device cannot be charged. , unable to start work, or even burned.


Current: Many people think that the current must be exactly the same, otherwise excessive currents will flow into our digital devices and cause damage to digital devices. In fact, this understanding is wrong. We can explain this problem based on the physical knowledge we have learned.


According to Ohm's law, in the same circuit, the current in the conductor is proportional to the voltage across the conductor and inversely proportional to the resistance of the conductor, ie, I=U/R. When the voltage is constant, the magnitude of the current on the line depends on the resistance of the load, which means that the digital device itself determines the current of the line, rather than the maximum output current of the charger itself.


For example, a Lenovo notebook has a rated power of 90 W, and the original power adapter has an output voltage of 19 V. According to the power formula P=UI, when the notebook is operating at rated power, the operating current is I=P/U=90. /19=4.74 A. Therefore, if the output current of the power adapter is greater than the current of the notebook under the rated power, the computer can work normally. Therefore, it is no problem to replace the charger with a small current with a charger with a large current. However, it should be noted that although there is no problem to replace the low-current charger with a large-current charger at the same voltage, it is not possible to use a low-current charger instead of a large-current charger because the current is too low, and the digital device may not be able to respond. Power on or show insufficient power, restart frequently.

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