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What to do if the phone's data cable suddenly fails to charge
Jun 02, 2018

     The smart phone is the hottest product today, and it's easy to use, but the phone will still shut down when it is dead. At this time we will take the data line to charge the phone. However, what makes many people unhappy is that the mobile phone data line suddenly cannot be charged. What should I do if the data cable cannot be charged?

     The following methods can solve the problem that you cannot use the data cable to charge in time.

1, may be a power outage. If your phone is connected to your data cable for a long time, the phone is not charged, you need to carefully check to see if it is the power button of the outlet forgot to open or the area where the power outage, we must check whether the power is unimpeded .

2. The plug connected to the data cable is not plugged in. Is it because of carelessness or too panic that the port that connects the phone does not have a plug-in area, or the end of the connection to the power source is not properly set. At this time, you need to insert the data cable again seriously, and then observe whether the phone can be charged.

3, the charger's base has a problem. Check if there is a problem with the base of the charger connected to the power supply. The verification method is very simple. Unplug it and connect the data cable to the computer. If the connected computer can charge the phone, then the base is not bad.

4, the interface of the data cable to connect the phone is broken. If you suspect that the interface on your data cable connecting to this end of the phone is broken, you can try it out on your friend's phone. When you try it out, you must know if your data line supports charging their phone. If you can, then there is no problem with the data line, it may be that your phone's single charging socket is broken, and you need to repair the phone repair point. If you can't charge your friend's mobile phone, it's probably because the data cable is broken. The best way is to buy a better data cable.

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