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Why is Type-C not popular?
Mar 28, 2018

Here it is time to reveal why Type-C is not popular. On the one hand, Type-C is not like Apple's lighting. I use this interface with Apple. You have to change with me. The promotion of Type-C is relatively slow. With fewer people, manufacturers are more willing to use Micro-USB, which is already very mature. Many people really see that Type-C is not selected when they sell mobile phones. .

There is also a cost issue. In the thousands of machines, many designs continue the previous model. If the Type-C interface is replaced, the interface costs increase, and the design cost of the mobile phone will increase. The user may have original data lines. There is no cost to increase the cost of buying a new line. Therefore, many manufacturers still use the Micro-USB interface.

However, when the performance requirements of mobile phones are getting higher and higher, better-quality Type-Cs should gradually replace Micro-USB, which also requires various vendors to promote Type-C, such as higher sales. Several brands of mobile phones, if they all start using Type-C interfaces, will soon become more and more users of Type-C. The previously mentioned problem of low Type-C penetration rate is no longer a problem. Now.

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