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Why the mobile phone data cable is connected to the computer only shows the charge
May 14, 2018

     Frequent use of data cable, sometimes why not identify the data line only shows the charge after connecting to the computer? A lot of work files are stored on the computer, there are files on the phone, you need to use the data line to use these files, pictures Upload or download files, to tell the truth of the data line to bring us a lot of convenience, but sometimes the data line is connected to the computer but did not identify, but the phone is charging, the computer did not show the memory recognition of the phone What is the reason? phone USB settings. If the mobile phone data cable is connected to the computer, the mobile phone interface shows charging, then this has ruled out the problem of the computer USB interface and the data cable of the mobile phone. This is usually the problem of the driver or the phone setting. First of all, we need to check the phone settings, especially Android phones, you need to enable "USB debugging mode" in the phone settings to allow the computer to identify, so the first step is to check whether the USB debugging mode inside the phone settings is open. Open the settings inside the phone, find the USB debugging mode (enable debugging mode after connecting to USB), there is a check mark behind, open the USB debugging mode. After the USB debugging mode is turned on, if the computer still cannot recognize the mobile phone, please install any one of the auxiliary tools such as pea pods, master Zhuo or 360 mobile assistant, etc. in the computer. In the connected state, open the tool, and then usually The phone is detected, and then the driver for the corresponding phone is automatically installed. If it is an iPhone, you can download 91 Mobile Assistant or iTunes Tool. phone USB interface problems. The probability of a problem with the mobile phone's USB interface is very small. In this case, we must get after-sales point maintenance.

    3.may take the wrong line, using the USB charging cable, data line is 4-core, with the function of charging and transmitting data, and USB charging cable is 2-core, can only be used for charging but can not transmit data. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between the data line and the charging line before use.

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