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A Data Cable Can Be Compatible With Both Apple And Android Phones
May 08, 2018

     In the past, we used a mobile phone equipped with a data cable, but such a data cable can only be used on a mobile phone. If a different mobile phone is used, the interface is not the same and it cannot be used. It is inconvenient. It is very helpless if the mobile phone is out of power and it cannot be charged in time. Tell you that the data line factory's data line can be compatible with Apple and Android phones. The name of this data line is a 2-in-1 data cable, which is convenient for both Android and Apple phones.

One of the data lines in the data line factory can be compatible with both Apple and Android phones.

     Our commonly used mobile phones are based on different designs of mobile phone systems and models. The more common data lines used are the lightening interface data cable for Apple iPhones and the micro USB interface data cable for Android phones. However, these two data lines cannot be used universally. The lightning interface data cable can only be used on the iPhone, and the data cable of the micro USB interface can only be used on Android phones. Therefore, these two data lines can only be used on mobile phones or devices that match their own interfaces, and cannot be compatible with each other. If you want to charge different mobile phones, you also need to prepare different data lines. In exchange, it really doesn't feel very convenient. It would be nice if you have a data cable that can be used on both Android and Apple phones.

     It is of course possible to use this kind of data cable for Android phones. It is possible to use this kind of data cable for Apple's mobile phones. We have done this with a data cable factory that has such a two-in-one data cable, which can be used to charge Apple’s mobile phones. Charge your Android phone. This two-in-one data cable can be used to freely switch data cable connectors between Android and Apple. It can perfectly solve the problem of charging different mobile phones. It is light and tidy to travel only with a two-in-one data cable. Charging is just that simple. If you're still bothering to charge your phone too much, change it to a 2-in-1 data cable.