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A Summary Of The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Car Interior Car Chargers
Jul 04, 2018

  Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, the society is constantly improving, making our life more convenient and comfortable. One of these points is reflected in the fact that cars have entered most people's lives, travel by car, and get off work. People seem to be inseparable from the convenience of cars. Followed by many owners like to bring mobile phones, navigation and other electronic devices to the car, but what happens when mobile phones or other electronic devices are out of power while driving? Don't worry, the car charger will give you a worry. Although it can solve the charging problem, but many owners have a lot of questions before using the car charger, the use of car charger in the end what impact? This lists five common issues that car owners are most concerned about when using car chargers:


Q: Does the car charger consume fuel?

  A: The answer is: The car charger is connected to the power supply through the cigarette lighter socket. The battery power is used. When the car is started, it will automatically supply power to the battery. Therefore, there is no fuel consumption statement.


Q: Can a laptop use a car charger to charge it?

  A: The answer is no. The average car charger output is 5V, laptop power is mostly, and all car chargers are not enough. If you must use it, you can use a car inverter.


Q: What brand of car charger is better?

  A: There are many domestic manufacturers of car chargers, but most of them are cutting corners. They are all three products. Therefore, it is recommended to use the regular manufacturers of large brand car chargers. In China, schitec is good, charging fast and double protection. Affordable, reliable quality.


Q: What car charger can be used?

  A: All cars have a cigarette lighter interface, so you can use a car charger. However, as to whether it is suitable for use, we must look at it separately. For example, many large trucks have large power, and low-power car chargers cannot be used. If they do not choose, they should choose smart and dual protection charging.


Q: Does the car charger have an impact on the cell phone battery?

  A: Where the car is inserted into the car charger, the output voltage is DC, which is the voltage of 12V~24V. As long as you choose the genuine car charger brand, it will not have any impact on the mobile phone battery.