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About Type C To Audio
Apr 04, 2018

In addition to supporting the charging and data transfer functions necessary for the general usb interface, the type c still has many reserved functions to be developed. One of them is to use type c as an audio transmission interface instead of the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.

After cancelling the 3.5mm audio interface, the mobile phone frees up a lot of space. This part can be used to increase the battery capacity or further reduce the thickness of the mobile phone itself. The lack of an interface also enhances the waterproof capacity of the mobile phone to some extent.

At present, LeTV has taken the lead in adopting type c headsets. It is rumored that iphone7 will also cancel the traditional earphone jacks. However, many mobile phones still have 3.5mm earphone jacks. The 3.5mm earphones have not been completely replaced, so one can convert the type c interface. Devices to the 3.5mm interface came into being.

The Type c audio interface is also very different from the earphone that appeared in the early years of the Mini USB interface. Compared with the Micro USB, the former has separate data lines and power lines. For audio equipment, this design ensures stable power supply while minimizing the impact on sound quality. People's perception of the highest sound quality of mobile phones is HIFI, but in the final analysis, HIFI is also an analog audio technology. The conversion of music files from data to analog signals (decoding), and then to the amplification processing are done by the hardware in the mobile phone, and finally through 3.5mm. Headphone jack output, the signal and sound quality attenuation during the entire process, different brands of headphones, sound quality will be different.