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Analysis Of Working Principle Of Switching Power Supply
Sep 19, 2018

      It is input from the main circuit from the AC grid. The whole process of DC output also includes the input filter. Its function is to filter the clutter existing in the grid, and it can also prevent the clutter generated by the camera power from being fed back to the public grid. Rectification and filtering are to directly rectify the AC power supply of the power grid to a relatively smooth DC power for the next level of transformation. The inverter is to convert the rectified DC to high frequency AC. This is also the core part of the switching power supply. The higher the frequency, the larger the volume. The lower the weight and output power, the output rectification and filtering, is to provide a reliable DC switching power supply according to the needs of the load. The control circuit is on the one hand sampling from the output and then comparing it according to the set criteria and then changing the inverter to change the frequency or pulse width and then reaching the output stability. On the other hand, the data provided by the test circuit is identified in the saturation circuit, and the control circuit is provided to perform various protections on the whole machine.


      In addition to providing various parameters that are running in the protection circuit, the detection circuit can provide various display data:

      The auxiliary power supply provides all the different requirements of the power supply for a single circuit, and the switching control voltage regulation principle is repeated at a certain time interval. After the switch is turned on, the input power is supplied to the load through the switch tube and the filter circuit. During the entire switch-on period, the switching power supply provides energy like the load, and then when the switch is turned off, the input power supply disconnects the supply of energy. It can be seen that the input power supply, like the energy provided by the load, is intermittent and not always available. In order to continuously obtain energy from the load, it is necessary to install an energy storage device in the switching power supply. Because only then, the load will always get energy. If it is not installed, the load will not get energy. So this must be installed.