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Android Data Line Bad Solution
Apr 10, 2018

At present, according to statistics, the Android socket mobile phone market accounts for about 87% of the market share. Therefore, the use of Android data cable is still a huge amount of loss, although some well-known manufacturers said their data lines can be inserted and removed million times, but the actual test did not achieve what they said, because we plug the force, the angle of the plug is different The damage is also different. After a long time, the problem of poor contact with this Android data cable has arisen, resulting in a situation where charging is unreasonable.

Today Xiaobian teach you a simple way to solve the problem of poor contact with Android data lines:

1. The Micro head of the Android data line has two contact springs, which is recessed into the slot under bad conditions.

2, you need a needle (to be slender! too thick to go in! too thin easy to break the needle tip easy to splash!)

3, a small groove with a pin inserted before the Micro head contact, provoke the contact, continuing to allow metal memory about 1-2 minutes. Then pick up another contact.

4, so you're done, test, perfect and new feel the same, rejection can not throw off. Tests provoke the method of touching the contacts, probably lasting for 2 months, then wait for it to loosen you can also repeat the above steps! Then this Android data line can be used permanently.