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Answer All Questions About Car Charger For You
Mar 31, 2018

1. Will the car charger hurt the car?

Brand car chargers generally have overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, four safety protection functions, as long as they do not exceed its power range, do not use only the battery charge, it will not damage the car.

2. Does the car charger affect the phone?

Above the car where the car charger is inserted, the output voltage is the DC point, which is the voltage between 12v-24v. The brand-name car charger circuit protection buck and current limiting functions are very good, it will not affect the phone.

3. When buying a car with a car charger?

Most do not bring, some 4S stores may be sent as gifts, they can not spend much money to buy, the general price is 50 to more than 100 have, it is recommended to buy brand car charger.

4. Car chargers generally sell something to sell?

General auto parts city, auto supplies center, 4S shop, mobile phone accessories shop, and large supermarkets will all be sold. If it is convenient, they can be bought directly on the internet, which is convenient and simple.

5. Which car charger is positive?

The positive point is positive, and the two sides are negative.

6. Is there a car charger that supports fast charging?

Yes, qualcomm 2.0 or 3.0 on the car charger is used by Qualcomm's fast charging technology, and they are fast-charging car chargers.

7. How much is the input voltage of the car charger?

The input voltage of the car charger is 12V for cars and 24V for trucks.

8. What is the car charger output power?

Under normal circumstances, the car charger USB output power in the 500mA - 2000mA this range.

9. Where does the car charger come from?

Use the electricity in the battery.

10. Can the car charger charge when the car is not started?

Most models cannot supply power until the key is inserted to prevent the battery from running out of power and unable to start the vehicle.