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Can A Mobile Phone's Data Cable Not Be Charged And Transmitted For A Long Time?
Apr 19, 2018

I believe that people with cell phones have several cell phone data lines around them, so that they can't prevent them because most people have experienced that they suddenly cannot be charged when they are charging their cell phones. This kind of thing often happens. How do you care for this cell phone data line, this will happen, so even the best things will be old, do not care how you do not give up, the change, throw or throw. This situation is best to be equipped with more than a few mobile phone data lines, anyway, it is not very expensive, so be prepared.

Therefore, this unpleasant thing does not have to panic. Here's a summary of the reasons why the three-point mobile phone data line cannot be charged and transmitted for a long time:

1. The number of data line plugs reaches or exceeds the number of designs. Earlier USB interface plug-in designs had a lifespan of several hundred times and can now reach several thousand times. The problem that the interface is prone to appear is the poor contact of the plug reed, so it cannot be charged. If you use more elaborate, then you can certainly use for a long time; otherwise it is better to buy spare as soon as possible.

2. Line body bending causes copper cores and other materials to fatigue, and is prone to breakage and other phenomena, resulting in failure to charge. This condition is most likely to occur where wires are habitually bent or near the plug.

3, plug rust, you can try to wipe with alcohol cotton, in order to solve the urgent need.