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Can Mobile Phone Data Lines Be Mixed?
Apr 11, 2018

Now basically into the mobile era, people spend most of the day on mobile phones, which is more convenient than computers and mobile phones. For mobile phone data lines, there are a variety of what are the specifications, people generally have a few staff, charging is generally readily available on hand to charge, but mixed with mobile phone data line is good or not?

With the continuous development of society, science and technology have been continuously improved, and more and more different mobile phone data lines have emerged. However, there are hundreds of data lines in the market with different specifications, different models, and different sizes. Under normal circumstances, the receiving and sending ends of different brands and different mobile phones are different. Therefore, the data lines of mobile phones cannot be directly mixed. Although it can be used under unsupported data lines, it is prone to problems.

Cellphone data line

The data lines of mobile phones are relatively fragile. Even if the electronic products of the same brand have the same caliber, they cannot be mixed. Some mobile phone data line interfaces match, but the operation is not available. In this case, due to the power supply problem, the instability of the main board may be caused, and it is necessary to pay attention to the specification of the data line. Different types of mobile phone data lines do not mix. Because the data line interface of the computer is current when the mobile phone is connected to the computer, if the relative current is inconsistent, there is a danger of burning the main board and battery of the mobile phone.

For example, when a file is transmitted, the phenomenon of half-way interruption is prone to occur, and if it is a long-term low-voltage power supply, it may easily cause damage to some devices in the hard disk. So, it is not recommended to mix mobile phone data lines.