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Car Electronic Products Car Charger Will Fuel It?
Oct 27, 2017

Car Electronic Products Car Charger Will Fuel It?

The development of the automotive market is booming, the use of cars has become common in the process of driving will encounter a variety of problems, the car supplies on a lot of more and more electrical equipment, car charger it is essential. Then you understand the car charger? Car charger will consume it?

Is there a relationship between car charger and fuel consumption?

Car power is connected through the cigarette lighter socket power supply, with the car inside the battery power, that is, the car in the process of running out of the power storage, when the car starts, will automatically give the battery power supply, so there is no fuel consumption.

Is the car charger safe?

User answer: car charger with car cigarette lighter as a power outlet directly for the phone charge. As the car provides a low voltage, so the car charger only need to have overload protection circuit inside. Car charger socket front design has a fuse, when the current exceeds the overload protection circuit can withstand the range, the fuse immediately fuse, play a protective role. Of course, compared with the purchase of travel charger, optional car charger when the addition of an interface to determine the connection with the car plug should be firmly inserted in the car cigarette lighter. Now the market has a variety of features set one of the car charging, such as Pu Nuofei PFM-001 audio launch car charger, not only has the basic car charger function, while the audio playback equipment (such as mobile phones, MP3, etc.) music Through the car in the form of FM sent to the car radio, and by the car audio to play out.

Does the car refrigerator fuel it?

Users answer: car refrigerator is not recommended long-term pick up the battery with the battery can be carried out when you pick up the exchange of electricity, if not easy to move to move, you can take things in the refrigerator, put back home refrigerator, After all, the car refrigerator is just a supplement to the home refrigerator.

Car refrigerator or electricity, and electricity is sent through the generator, the original car refrigerator on the battery life is not affected, because the design of a good current. But do not recommend their own modified car refrigerator, or may be loss of power.

What is the fuel consumption of the vehicle preheating system?

User answer: to run the power 5kw car preheating system, for example, full load operation half an hour of fuel consumption in the 0.3L. Need to know your specific models, such as cars, buses, trucks, and then give you a rough estimate.

Car charger and mp3 connection can play MP3 FM radio?

User answer:

At present the general use of MP3 is ordinary MP3. Even if your MP3 can be inserted into the cigarette lighter, because there is no FM with the FM send function, car radio can not accept the MP3 music signal.

To use the radio or car amplifier to hear your MP3 music signal, you can use the following improvements:

1, the MP3 headphone output jack and car amplifier AUX auxiliary input jack through the stereo signal transmission line, that is, three core (left and right channel signal line and ground) to connect the car amplifier audio input selection switch set In the corresponding gear can be. As the headphone output of the audio signal is relatively strong, through the model attenuation, that is, to a few volts of audio signal failure to tens of milliliters of the job. The attenuator can be combined with a capacitor resistor in parallel with the audio signal line.

2, go to the car electronics store shopping mall store to buy a stereo MP3 music signal FM repeater, and then put your MP3 headphone output jack and MP3 transponder audio signal input jack with the method 1 of the three-core plus attenuator connected, Adjust the frequency of the repeater to the radio where you do not have the local radio signal frequency, and turn on the radio to accept it.

3, more easy way is not to your original MP3, but with the car MP3, one end of the cigarette lighter, and with a SD card socket, you buy a few G SD card, through the computer copy into MP3 songs , And then into the car MP3 SD card slot. Open your car MP3, turn on the radio and search MP3 launch signal can listen.

For the production of the attenuator, you can ask the sound repair shop technician to give you the production, do a good job into the stereo cable, only a small capacitor on the line of small resistance.