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Cell Phone Burning Caused By Poor Car Charger
Mar 31, 2018

With the development of in-vehicle interconnection technologies in recent years, the connection between mobile phones and cars has become more and more close, which has also led to faster consumption of mobile phones, so car chargers have emerged and quickly spread to most car owners. However, the quality of products cannot be varied, and most vehicle owners use them improperly to cause losses. The following figure shows the phone burning caused by charging with a poor car charger.

Principle: The 12V voltage of the car cigarette lighter socket is converted into a 5V USB voltage and the electronic product is charged through the charging line. In general, the car charger is to convert 12V (car 12V, truck 24V) DC into 5-20V DC for vehicle-mounted mobile equipment charging, which features low power consumption, simple and convenient, and low price.