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Cell Phone Charger Method?
Mar 31, 2018

1. The constant voltage charging has different charging voltages according to different voltage levels. Therefore, it is not sufficient for you to select the charger based on the current size alone. For example, a battery charger charges a 5V battery and cannot charge a 12V or 6V battery.

2. the charge is also different depending on the battery, it is generally called float float flow, its size and battery capacity are closely related. For example, the normal charging current <constant-current charging current> of a 10000mAh battery that is started as an example may not be as large as a large-capacity battery float current. An excessively large constant-current charging current most likely causes the battery to overcharge, thereby affecting the battery. The service life may even damage the battery. Because the basic protection of the battery is two: Do not overcharge, do not over-consumption of electricity. Violating these two conditions, the battery is not damaged immediately may also lead to capacity decline.

3.constant current charging is the charging current remains unchanged, the charging voltage is approximately linear rise in this charging stage, if you directly use the current of 0.1-0.2C to charge even if there is no other accident, the battery will be shortened due to excessive charging and heating. Lifetime, so this is why constant current charging is the reason that the charging current keeps constant and the charging voltage rises approximately linearly. In fact, it is for the purpose of prolonging and protecting the service life of the battery.