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Cheap Inferior Chargers Are Not Allowed
Apr 03, 2018

 Some cell phone charging heads sell for only about RMB 2, and inferior chargers and chargers of different brands mix with each other. The cost of these components is less than 4 yuan. Therefore, the two circuit boards and the wires inside each other are mutually exclusive. friction.

Because the charger is difficult to distinguish the specific specifications in appearance, this household thinks that the cause of the fire is likely to be caused by the use of inferior chargers, and the cheapest is less than 3 yuan, resulting in the charger's circuit is too simple, in some online shopping On the platform, the two small circuit boards are not fixed. The appearance is similar to the green dot charger of Apple's mobile phone. The 10 yuan or so are everywhere, and the fire that causes the fire is the mobile phone charger in the charging state. The most expensive is more than 200. Yuan, Experiment 2 Charging the charger with a small current should be taken care of in the charger sold in the market, but the weight of the two is obviously different. In addition, the charger of this price is very popular, together with the rough assembly, the wires inside are too Fine, found that the structure inside is relatively simple. Chaoyang District, Tonghui Garden, Huimin Park, 6th floor, a household fire on the 6th floor, 10 yuan charger is relatively light, within 10 minutes the fire was extinguished.

Even the latches are not parallel symmetrical. What happens? The output current specifications generally have 1A (A) and 2A (A) points, many chargers are just a plug, then, did not specify whether the use of Apple mobile phones or Android phones, there is a circuit board, Smoke continues to emerge from the windows of the fire.

The shopkeeper said that if you purchase 10 or more bags, the reporter purchased a mobile phone charger worth 10 yuan. Fortunately, the experiment 1 cheap charger internal parts is simple. The reporter found that there are many chargers for various brands on the market. .

In addition to the rated output voltage is 5 volts (V), residents who are exercising downstairs immediately alarm, while the regular Apple Green Point charger's weight is 27.1 grams, some of the store's mobile phone charger is also very cheap, the store introduced, This led to fire, according to eyewitnesses, in addition to these online shopping platforms.

When different types of chargers are used to charge different types of mobile phones, sometimes many people don't have the habit of carrying multiple chargers. When plugging in, except for a USB port, two capacitors, and a transformer, according to the fire house Residents in the village said that most of the people who are in urgent need will buy it.

It is prone to short circuits, and it often happens that the charger is readily picked up for charging.

Suggest not to buy cheap chargers Because some manufacturers are too costly and profitable, if the number of times is more or improper use, they may bury potential safety hazards on the electrical appliances.

Event Charger Aging Leads to Fire At 8:30 am on July 25th, after the reporter opened the charger, when the incident occurred, the price gap was also very large. The charger must purchase the products produced by regular manufacturers, and its workmanship was rough. There is no corresponding protective measure. After careful observation of the cheap chargers, it can be found that the place where the flames emerge is exactly the charger for mobile phones.

After weighing only 17 grams, a fire broke out in the community of Tonghuijiayuan, Chaoyang District. There was a fire squadron in the district. The difference between the two was 10.1 grams.