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China's Usb Cable Industry Situation
Nov 17, 2017

in recent years, the rapid development of China's usb cable industry, formed acertain scale in a short time. According to the China Federation of machinery industrystatistics, in the past 15 years, usb cable industries the average annual growth rate of 15%percent. 

Today, usb cable manufacturingproduction up to nearly home, employing up to900,000 people, ranking first in the world.Gross output value of China's usb cable hasmore than 1 trillion, ranking first in theworld. Of course, there is a positive side of China's usb cable industry, also have anideal side. Recent negative news China's wireand cable industry frequently attractedattention, including the production of fake and shoddy products, low price, or even more seriousalso caused major fires.

In the past more than 10 years, China's wire andcable industry, focusing on a large number oftechnology introduction and independent research and development on the basis of digestion andabsorption, has huge production capacity,China's wire and cable industry for more than an average annual growth rate of 25%. And acomplete set of cable material, cabling,equipment manufacturing industry has formed arelatively complete system, as such, is China'swire and cable industry over the past more than10 years of rapid development and growth of the Decade.

Formed by large companies has obvious advantagesin terms of market competitiveness andprofitability is stronger; assets operatingcapacity of the SMEs well; private enterprisesmarket operation mechanism of flexible, rapiddevelopment and so on. At present, the State-owned economic sector accounted for 15% ofChinese wire and cable industry, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 25%, private economicsectors over 60%. As the wire and cable industryin East China's most important manufacturingareas, and value of assets accounted for 50% toform 60% of sales and win 70% industry profit amount.