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Common Problems With Connecting Lines Production
Sep 26, 2017

1. The wiring harness terminal falls off, appears this kind of situation, the terminal adjustment machine is too loose, causes the terminal to be unable firmly to wrap the wiring harness.

2. Wire harness Core line break, this kind of situation is the need to confirm whether the quality of wire clearance, flexibility is not enough, or line diameter is not enough, in addition to wire harness in the line of processing, the wire roller line is too tight, resulting in wire core pressure, and the other wire harness crimping terminals, the machine is too tight, the blade under pressure too large, resulting in a core line fracture.

3. wire harness connector is not put in place, the main beam in the process of the assembly line, inserted into the connector plastic shell is not in place, under normal circumstances there will be inserted in a "click" sound, to ensure that in place, also need to do pull back action, namely a hand connector, a taut wire, don't use too strong, so as not to pull off the wire harness.