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Data Cable Manufacturers Analyze Why The Usb Data Cable Is Hard
Apr 17, 2018

What causes the usb data line to be hardened? What caused the cold weather? This is also one of the reasons, in fact, the data line manufacturers from a professional point of view, the standard is the oxidation, grease corrosion and other plastic materials caused by aging, so it becomes so hard.

The outer protective layer of the usb data cable is mostly a rubber product. The rubber product itself will change due to the temperature difference, but the state after this change is not long-lasting. Generally, as the temperature returns to normal, it will return to normal. For a thin layer of rubber on the usb data line, if it is oxidized, grease eroded, ... it will permanently harden to a different degree and cannot be restored. The good USB data lines are like this, not only hard, but also broken .

Then the usb data cable can be hardened and protected, and the data cable manufacturers conclude several points:

1. Try to avoid the use of high temperature and low temperature environment, can delay aging to a certain extent;

2. Do not wrap it around, sweat will erode the line, causing the line to harden until disconnected;

3. Do not touch acid, alkali liquids, especially sweat, including beverages;

4. Do not have a sharp temperature difference, such as when the winter comes out of the air-conditioned room...

5. Do not wrap the usb data cable too tight on the machine;

6.USB data cable can be hung on mobile phones and computers. Please remove it when not in use.

7. When not in use, it should be placed in a place away from direct sunlight, preferably in a dry and ventilated place. Conditionally, the line can be vacuumed.