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Data Cable Type-C Interface Is Becoming Standard?
Apr 04, 2018

Introduction: The rapid development of the Internet era has made online transmission easier and more convenient. For example, mobile phones do not need to pass data lines, and they can use online tools to easily transmit document data. In this situation, USB data lines may face abandoning the embarrassing situation.

The USB cable is only a small part of the phone and it is not the main position occupied.

However, at some crucial moments, such as charging a mobile phone and transmitting data, USB data lines often have an essential presence.

According to current usage, in the short term, USB data lines will not be eliminated because they have an advantage in security. The change of USB data line is often to meet the market's elimination competition, who can make certain progress in design, research and development, then it is easy to occupy more market share.

However, the USB data cable is not without a sense of crisis.

However, the data cables of Micro USB plugs are facing the trend of upgrading. Micro USB plugs have a high market share. Many Android phones used this interface before.

However, with the development of the times, Type-C interface data lines have gradually become standard in digital products. Especially after the Type-C interface standard comes out, the USB data cable industry will enter a change once again. Whether the new standard can unify the data line industry depends on the consumers. If the consumers like it, then the mobile phone manufacturers will launch new machines. Type support.

Then, as the market changes, as a consumer, do you need to think carefully in the selection process?