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Deepen The Details Of Switching Power Supply
Sep 21, 2018

      At present, the development of security has many important functions in China. In the process of domestic production, many security equipment products need to use switching power supply. The role of switching power supply cannot be ignored. Most peripherals need to use switching power supply. Carrying out the relevant transformer mode, the switching power supply has brought many improvements to our security equipment products by virtue of its relatively high working efficiency and small size, good voltage regulation, etc. The internal circuit design of the power supply is more complicated. For many fans, the current performance of the switching power supply is still incapable. Today, the key points of the switching power supply are blocked.

      We must carry out the necessary elimination and management of the failure of the switching power supply, and must make necessary understanding and improvement of the ability of component damage. When we eliminate the surge voltage and interference signals in the commercial power supply, we must raise the corresponding power supply. Quality, many switching power supply inputs now have no varistor. After the filtered AC power is filtered by the diode bridge rectifier circuit and high-voltage large-capacity capacitor, it can generate three hundred volts. First of all, observe whether the power fuse is damaged. It is really not necessary to replace it. You must first check whether there is a short circuit in the open power supply. In addition, we must focus on the damage of the AC filter capacitor of the switching power supply. Perform the necessary analysis and perform normal tests on the power supply circuit of the oscillating manifold before we replace the relevant oscillating tube.