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Does The Car Charger Waste Power When The Load Is Not Connected?
Jul 03, 2018

  Many people are concerned about whether the car charger consumes power. When the car charger is not connected to a load, is it the same as the power consumption?

Although 80% of vehicles are powered by the cigarette lighter after the vehicle has pulled out the key, some car cigarette lighters continue to supply power. If the owner forgets to remove the car charger, will it damage the vehicle battery? When the car charger is not connected to the load, there is usually no current output. Even if you forget to unplug, only a small LED light is working, and the battery power consumed is negligible.

Almost negligible loss of power, is it right? You can always insert a car charger, even if you do not need to charge? When the car owner is not in use, he should unplug the power connector to prevent the internal spring of the socket from losing its resilience, looseness and imaginary connection after prolonged use. It is also necessary to prevent sudden strong current from burning the device when the engine is started next time.

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