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Does The Usb3.1type-c Fast-charging Data Line Have A Quick Impact On Mobile Phone Security?
May 03, 2018

    There are few smartphones that can now support fast charging data lines. In addition to the more mainstream phones that support fast charging, most people still use old versions of smart phones, which can only support the micro USB Android data cable. , which is the USB2.0 standard data line, relative to the usb3.1 standard type-c fast charge data line is microUSB Android data line charging is relatively slow. The main reason is that because of the current limitation of the old version of mobile phones, even fast-charging data lines are not as fast. Therefore, slow charging of the micro USB will not affect the security of the mobile phone. On the contrary, you will use a poor quality mobile phone data cable. Charging may cause the phone to heat up, and it may damage the phone. Generally, purchasing genuine data lines will not cause problems.

    There are two main types of fast-charging data lines: high-voltage fast-charging and low-voltage fast-charging. High-pressure fast-charging is mainly represented by Qualcomm's QC and MediaTek's PEP. Generally, it supports 9V/2A or 12V/2A. The two types of high-pressure fast charging standard type-c fast charging data lines have higher heat when charging, which will have a certain impact on the mobile phone. Low-voltage fast-charging data lines include OPPO's VOOC, Huawei's SuperCharge and Magic Power, among which OPPO VOOC and SuperCharge support 5V/5A, while Magic Power supports 5V/8A. The cost of low-voltage fast data lines is high and complex, but the power is greatly enhanced while the heat is able to do excellent control, and playing while charging will not affect the charging efficiency of mobile phones.