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Five Safety Standards For Power Adapters
Sep 25, 2018

     1. Avoid problems with voltage and current. When the power adapter and the current problems will cause the line load, the machine heating is usually inversely proportional to the size, and the life is not conducive to the laptop.


     2, to avoid bad heat. For power adapters used in clothing and newspapers, should be placed in a well ventilated area.


     3, portable power adapter, the internal structure is very compact, should avoid all the effects and floods cause irreparable consequences.


     4, avoid thick needles. Generally, this problem mainly occurs in the connection between the notebooks of the power adapter, because it is thin and easy to bend, so many users do not care, and the windings are easy to carry at various angles. In fact, it is easy to cause an open or short circuit of the internal copper, especially when the surface of the knot is weak in cold weather. The windings should be wired in a loose, power adapter, and many manufacturers have to tie the straps to the ends of the joints, not in the middle.


     5. Avoid plugs that are not suitable. Do not force the original distortion into the socket. Otherwise, it may easily cause poor flashover contact, which may cause the heat of the power socket and plug to rise. On the one hand, it may cause fire. On the other hand, the power adapter output caused by poor contact is unstable. Causes damage to the laptop.