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How Data Line Factory Improves Factory Strength
Apr 24, 2018

Some newly-opened factories generally do not have very good management systems and company systems in the early days. How to quickly increase their own factory strength? The following can refer to the operating system of the schitec data line factory. How did it work in 10 years? The land goes to formalization and enhances the strength of the factory.

I. Schitec data line factory focused on high-quality data line manufacturing for 10 years:

Has multiple vertical injection molding machines, automatic terminal machines, imaging detectors, misalignment detectors and other advanced equipment

Using European and American companies advanced processing technology process

Equipped with professional technical talents and excellent service team

Featured aluminum alloy, PVC, TPE and other original materials

Second, the schitec data line factory passed the international quality management certification to ensure product quality:

Pass UL, ISO9000, ISO14000, TS16949 certification

High standards for factory management system and quality system

Strictly follow safety and environmental protection standards, each product passed the European and American standards

Good quality = standard production + strict control

Third, schitec data line factory high-end products, mid-range price, the most affordable price:

Adhere to the cost control from raw materials to the production process

Provide customers with high quality and reasonable prices, value over price

Processed products cover a wide range, full specifications, and comprehensive cost advantages

From part incorporation to finished product delivery, full process quality records, with traceable controls

Four schitec data line factory efficient and perfect service system:

Yachuang Electronics 10 years of production experience, professional production team

Comprehensive quality inspection and management of the entire department, 10 years of professional team services, allowing you to choose from worry.