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How Does The Data Line Factory Prevent The USB Data Line From Rusting?
Apr 19, 2018

We first analyze the structure of a USB data cable, which is injection molded from a USB 2.0 AM plug, a Micro plug, and a wire. The plug portion of the USB data cable is generally composed of a steel case and stainless steel, and they all have a surface. The plating layer is the ability of the plating layer to resist oxidation and rust. In the industry, the salt spray test is stipulated to classify the layers. Conventionally, there are 8 hours salt spray test, 12 hours salt spray test, 24 hours salt spray test and 48 hours salt spray test. The longer the salt spray test, the stronger the ability to resist oxidation and rust, and it is not easy to rust.

Do not think that the salt spray test, USB data cable will not rust, if you put it in a humid environment, it will oxidize, causing iron rust, then how to prevent the data line rust it? Take over the Yacre data line factory to teach you how to prevent oxidation of the USB cable:

The packaged USB data cable is first packed in a sealed pouch and then packed in a middle bag or two large bags. To seal the pocket! Then use the carton to pack the 1000PCS.

Next, in a humid environment, close the glass windows of the warehouse and install some dry lime in plastic pots around the warehouse! This is the easiest way! Or, in the vicinity of the warehouse, install some dehumidifiers. Remove the moisture in the air! Ensure indoor air is dry.

There are also some ways to apply anti-rust oil on the iron casing of the USB cable interface. This will also ensure that the data cable is durable, and there is no problem with storing it for several years.