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How Fast U Disk USB3.0 Read And Write Speed In The End?
Mar 28, 2018


USB3.0 interface has A type male mouth, B type male mouth, AB general type female mouth and B type mother mouth four kinds, the concrete exterior appearance shape is different. The USB 3.0 specification supports both optical and copper interface media. Cable length and transmission speed will vary accordingly. USB 3.0 has many advantages over other interfaces. It has two major advantages: transmission speed and compatibility. USB3.0 speed transmission rate is about 5Gbps, which is 625MB/s, and backward compatible with USB2.0, about the current mainstream USB2.0 interface transmission speed (theoretical value 60MB/s) ten times; compared to USB2. 0, the transmission speed increases significantly. The

How fast does the USB3.0 device read and write? Have to speak with actual data. We used HD tune, CrystalDiskMark, ATTO benchMark, and FastCopy tools to compare the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 read and write speeds of the BUFFALO mobile hard disk.

USB3.0 read and write speed comparison test.

The average read speed under the USB 2.0 interface is 30.925MB/sec, the average write speed is 22.904MB/sec; the average read speed under the USB3.0 interface is 85.762MB/sec, the average write speed This is 71.774MB/s (Figure 4). Compared with the test results obtained under the USB 2.0 interface, the average write speed has more than tripled, and the average read speed has nearly tripled. The

USB 2.0 has long been unable to meet the needs of applications, which also gave birth to the birth of USB 3.0. In fact, it is more attractive to us, no less than 10 times the USB 2.0 transmission speed and backward compatibility. We have reason to believe that the speed of mobile storage devices in the future will reach a new height after being equipped with a USB 3.0 interface. At that time, we will not be able to copy Blu-ray HD. The BUFFALO USB3.0 product is a combination of today's most advanced technology and the most fashionable design trends, in line with consumer needs and aesthetic standards, but also will become the icon of the external storage market. Let us wait and see!