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How Much Do You Know About The Data Cable?
Apr 10, 2018

In the 21st century, mobile phones have become an indispensable electronic product in our lives. Tablet PCs and other devices have also become popular. Charging them has become particularly important. Therefore, the data lines of mobile phones must not be small, but they are most important when charging. The headache for people is the speed and speed of charging. The slowest charging speed may be precisely what you think is the most inconspicuous data line. why? In fact, this phone data line is very knowledgeable. Let's take a look!

Careful friends may find that the speed of using different mobile phone data lines to transfer files is very different, there are differences in the charging speed of different cables, and even some mobile phone data lines seriously affect the normal use, which is what we need to understand the different The difference between cables.

The difference is as follows: Excellent mobile phone data line can be stably charged at 2.1A, and charging speed is fast!

The difference between the two: the cottage mobile phone data line can only provide 0.64A charging current, charging speed is surprisingly slow!

The difference is three: the use of poor quality mobile phone data lines can not identify the phone, let alone charging!

Difference 4: Inferior mobile phone data lines can not provide high-speed file transfer, and people are impatient!

In addition, in most cases, the cables inside the data cable of the mobile phone are: red is positive, black is negative, white and green are data lines, and external shielding is ground. The red and black lines are responsible for charging, the white and green lines are responsible for transmitting data, and the shielding layer provides more stable connections.

The standard mobile phone data cable has four lines: red, black, green, and green. The high-imitation data cable only emulates the appearance but is not internal. Although the cable has a very thick outer diameter, the internal copper wire is very thin, which seriously affects the charging speed. Will be shoddy, and many bad traders will swap out the original cable.

Cellphone data line

There is a shield outside the high-quality mobile phone data cable. As far as the price is concerned, the data line also has high-end products. For products with lower value, high-end data lines should be the cheapest luxury goods, but most Users are still less used, only enthusiasts and enthusiasts will buy and use.

In general, although it's usually inconspicuous, the data line of the mobile phone still needs us to pay attention. Selecting a good mobile phone data line can save a lot of trouble, and it can save a lot of money in charging and transmitting files. Finally, we remind everyone. When you need to buy a mobile phone data line, you must choose a place where you can use your brand and after-sales protection to avoid greed and cheap.