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How To Choose A Car Charger
Oct 11, 2018

The car charger is a thing that every car owner needs. As for why it is needed, many car owners are very clear. When you drive outside, the phone has no power, and its role can be reflected at this time. However, there is not much technical threshold for making car chargers. The market is full of car chargers of many brands. How should we buy them?Let us take a look at it now.

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First of all, the first element of purchase is security.

 Good car chargers have many protections, such as overload protection and short circuit protection. Nowadays, many domestic brands of chargers will have these two protection measures!

Overload protection means that when you have too many charging devices connected to the charger, it will be powered off when it exceeds its maximum output power.

 The short-circuit protection is the same as our usual household electricity. When the positive and negative poles are directly connected together, they will be short-circuited. If you have two kinds of protection measures, it is easy to damage the car and the charging equipment.

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Second, the temperature at the time of charging.

 Everyone knows that any charging device will generate heat when charging. If the temperature is too high, it will first reduce the life of the charging device. In addition, it will also affect the car, and may even cause burning, and the consequences are unimaginable. The temperature during charging is related to the input power of the charging device itself, and also related to the heat dissipation design of the device.

Third, the charging output power.

Many owners may know that most of the cars are powered between 12-15v, and most mobile phones are charged with 5V and 1A current. Therefore, the higher the output voltage, the higher the power of the mobile phone. The faster, that is, the larger the input current supported by the charger, the faster the charging.

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Fourth, brand, material and craftsmanship.

Chargers made from good materials will have a long life. In addition, the different manufacturing processes, the texture and appearance of the charger are also very different. For example, the bonding of the outer casing, as well as the details of the outer casing, these are not invisible when not in use, but when you use it is easy to affect your mind!

Fifth, other factors.

Other factors, such as the size of the charger and the indicator light at night. If the volume is not affected by the use of other places, the basic can be ignored, and the indicator light at night is a factor to be considered, because if the night is too bright, it is easy to cause interference to the driving.