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How To Measure The Quality Of A Cell Phone Data Cable?
Apr 14, 2018

We all know that the quality of mobile data lines is directly linked to the stability of data line connection and charging speed. The reason why we bought back the data line in the market, some full charge for half a day can not charge much electricity, and some are broken within a few days, the quality worrying. Therefore, when selecting a mobile phone data line, be sure to pay attention to the following details.

So to measure the quality of a mobile phone data line, the key is to see the material, internal materials, interface design, charging speed and transmission stability. From this comparison, we can see that there are various deficiencies and hidden dangers in cheap data lines. In particular, slow charging and unstable transmission are unacceptable. Yatron Electronics, as a domestic brand, launched its anti-break mobile phone data line as a TPE material based on the same model as Apple, which is environmentally friendly and resistant to breakage. The two-sided lifting design in detail ensures that the user can easily unplug the data cable. The unique double-sided design of Type-C brings unprecedented touch and convenience. Therefore, the purchase of data lines must not be greedy, greed may be a few dollars cheaper, but in case of equipment short-circuit is not a few hundred dollars can be repaired.

In this regard, schitec electronic anti-break mobile phone data line, the skin is made of high-quality TPE material, the same material as Apple's original data line, TPE material is not only very environmentally friendly, has a strong anti-pull and anti-breaking characteristics. Viewed from the side, the data line of this mobile phone adopts a unique ergonomic warp arc design, which effectively increases the friction and stress points of the joint and the finger and avoids the difficulty of drawing the cable caused by the smoothness of the housing. Extend the net design to ensure that the wire is not easily broken and damaged, and it will greatly benefit the life of mobile phones and cables. The high-quality double-sided blind plug design plug ensures that the data cable can be connected to the device stably and firmly when the data line is connected, so that the loosening problem does not occur.