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How To Produce Data Cables To Ensure The Life Of Copper Wire
Apr 04, 2018

1, first pay attention to the control of the temperature of the tin furnace copper wire below 0.5MM general should be controlled at a temperature of 300/330 °C.

2, the tin furnace temperature is too high, the flow performance of natural tin will increase will lead to oxidation of copper wire, copper and tin fast penetration of fast oxidation fluid.

3, tin furnace temperature is too low will cause the tin lead to wear large PCB board process will be difficult to wear greatly affect the production efficiency.

4. Please pay attention to the cleanup of the trash in the tin stove. The amount of rubbish debris will be more easily oxidized in the copper wire during the leaching process and the quality will be greatly discounted.

5. Please pay attention to the quality of the copper wire. There are too many copper wires on the market. Some copper content is only 60% to 99%. The true copper wire should contain more than 99% copper. It is the best.

6. Please pay attention to the excessive amount of halogen residues in the flux. The copper pickling is not enough to directly affect the life of the copper wire. The use of high quality ROHS-compliant environmental fluxes can be eliminated.

7, please note that the packaging time should not be too fast should be at least 60 minutes to cool the packaging, of course, according to the weather at that time may be determined by the law of slow and cold. When the heat is not dispersed, packaging will produce water droplets copper wire oxidation of copper quickly exposed to water.