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How To Store Data Data Using Mobile Data Lines?
May 14, 2018

    In general, we use more mobile phones. Nowadays, smart phones are a smaller version of the computer, which can be used for entertainment, can store data, etc., used to call and chat, etc., greatly facilitate our lives, and also bring us a lot of fun of. However, there is a point in the mobile phone that the battery is a fixed capacity. This will often use the data cable to charge the mobile phone to maintain its normal use. We all know that the mobile phone is also a mobile U disk that can store data. The mobile phone data cable is a faithful companion of the innate mobile phone and can not only charge the mobile phone, but also Data can be transmitted. So how to use mobile data data storage data?

     The mobile phone data cable is used to connect the phone to the computer cable. The general data line is rarely dedicated. The common phenomenon is that a data line can be used for a variety of mobile phone models. Some types of data lines are exaggerated, and one line can use 30-40 different types of mobile phones. The purpose of data cable usage and data storage methods are as follows:

     First, the data line connects the laptop and the GPRS mobile phone to achieve wireless internet access via a data cable and a computer, send and receive emails, and chat. Currently, the data lines on the mobile phone market are divided into the following types:

MBUS: The transmission rate is low. It is mainly used for maintenance and unlocking software.

FBUS: mainly used for wireless Internet access, ringtones, pictures, games and other transmissions.

DKU-5: High-speed data transmission function, complex data line construction, high manufacturing cost, but support for powerful supporting software and wireless high-speed Internet access.

FLASH (flashing machine line): Some of them can be used for maintenance and upgrading, besides connecting computers, transmitting pictures, and ringing tones. However, most of the market can only be used for maintenance and upgrading, and mobile phone software version replacement is equivalent to the computer re-installation system.

     Second, mobile phone personality pictures, ringtones upload and download. Download the website picture and ringtone file to the computer, and then use the data cable of the mobile phone to transfer the ringtone, picture and other files saved in the computer to the mobile phone memory. So you have a mobile phone data line, your phone can change your favorite ringtones and pictures at any time. Mobile phone BUG self-healing, upgrade machine software version.

     Thirdly, for some large-memory phones, you can use the MMC/TF/MINI SD/SD card and other machines. You can use the data cable on your computer. When the U disk is used to transfer, you need MP3 ringtones, pictures, videos, 3GP movies, and file information. , You can also back up your computer's important information to your phone, so that you are not afraid of data loss and will not find it.