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How To Use The Car Charger, Use The Car Charger Tips
Jul 12, 2018

   Car charger input current up to 2.1A, can be used for iphone ipad and other mobile phone electrical appliances, digital cameras, mobile phones and other small voltage electrical appliances with safe charging, when the car can be used to charge electrical appliances, such an effect who can refuse ? NT-670 is equipped with dual USB function, giving you a different life experience.

    The car charger is a DC-to-AC converter that is used on the move. It will bring a lot of convenience to your life. It is a standing vehicle electronic equipment. The output from the on-board power converter cigarette lighter can be 75W, 100W, 150W, 300W up to 3000W and other power specifications. More than 300W power car power converter to connect to the battery through the cable. Connecting the home appliance to the output of the on-board power converter enables the use of various appliances in the vehicle as easily as at home.

   The car charger (also called the power inverter, car power converter) is a kind of AC220V or AC110V AC that can convert DC12V or DC24V or DC36V or DC48V into the same AC power as the mains. Car power converter. Due to the high penetration rate of automobiles, it is possible to use an on-board power converter to connect batteries to drive electrical appliances and various tools to work on or out of the country.


The use of precautions, the correct connection sequence is as follows:

1, start the car engine

2, plug in the car AC power supply (switch off the case)

3, open the car AC power switch

4, plug in electrical equipment

5, after use, turn off the car AC power switch

6, turn off the car engine

7. Note: Car charger products should try to avoid the use of unsatisfactory car chargers. Inferior products are likely to cause total car destruction, leading to serious damage to the car.